So many who stay woke, really need some sleep
— Protoje

Welcome to my world of social change, food justice, art and everything in between. I was born and raised in Russia and currently live in New York. This website was originally created to showcase my photography. However I will be adding more content soon and shedding the light on each facet of me as an artist and a human being. I would like to create a platform that would be a great source for people who are open to healing through knowledge, food and spiritual practices.

First and foremost everyone has their purpose in life. I've come to realization that mine is to help people in various ways quite a while ago. I'm an empath who thrives around kindred spirits while uplifting each other at the moment in time when WE have to take charge of our bodies and health, our land, our air, our thoughts and write our own history without letting anyone else do it for us without our consent.

Our individual and collective experiences shape us and make us see the world through the prism of our consciousness. Everyone's got their struggle however it's very important not to become stone-hearted or indifferent and not to lose compassion for fellow humans and other forms of life. We may live in concrete jungle, but let's not forget where we're from and where we all will go - the Earth. Let's treat Her with respect and care and fully realize that we can't keep taking from Her without giving back.

Growing up in a family of educators in arts and having no choice but to absorb it like a sponge since early years, I've always been curious and striven for freedom of self expression via various media. I moved to the States in 2007, began modeling and eventually discovered endless possibilities on the other side of the camera as a photographer. My first camera was a 27 years old Zenit made in former USSR, fully manual 35mm film camera which still remains my favorite. I'm a self taught photographer who truly appreciates what digital technology can offer. I specialize in editorial genre, portraiture, food and still life and offer retouching services. I do believe that no matter how good the camera is, it means nothing without an I. Nowadays anyone can purchase a camera and call themselves a photographer, buy followers on social media and steal a job from an experienced professional who actually invested time and money in education, equipment while constantly overcoming creative challenges, perfecting the craft and gaining expertise. Much respect goes to the latter. 

I'm also a professional vegan chef specializing in raw cuisine and working with people in need of nutritional counseling, providing them with the tools and knowledge that comes from our own bodies once we get rid of loads of toxins we have accumulated in the course of our lives and expand our awareness into self-actualized healing. The human body is very intelligent, the goal is to hear it whisper before it starts screaming for help. I'm an advocate of preventive medicine and herbal/natural healing. Nothing happens overnight but step by step we can unleash the superpowers within us.

No matter what I do I will always add a pinch of love and sprinkle some light on the final product.

Give thanks for Life and many blessings to all of you. If you relate to the message let's keep in touch, there're not so many of us but our numbers are growing and together we are a powerful force nothing or no one will ever defeat - LOVE.